What is AI ? | AI for Everyone.

AI stands for Artificial intelligence. AI can be defined as the intelligence of a computer that enables it to copy or imitate human capabilities that involve the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience.

They are organized into four categories:

  1. Systems that act like humans.
  2. Systems that think like humans.
  3. Systems that think rationally.
  4. Systems that act rationally.

What are the applications of AI?


Games can generate extremely large search spaces. These are large and complex enough to require powerful techniques for determining what alternative to explore.

Modeling human performance

Capture the human mind (knowledge representation).


Image guided surgery

Motion and Manipulation

AI can handle tasks as object maniplation and navigation, with sub-problems of localization , mapping and motion planning.

Planning and Workflow System

Modeling , task setting, planning, execution, monitoring and coordination of activities .

What are the advantages of AI?

  • AI can complete task faster than a human can most likely.
  • AI can take on stressful and complex work that humans may struggle/cannot do.
  • To discover unexplored things. AI can be used to explore space.
  • With the use of AI , the chances of error are almost nil and greater precision and accuracy.
  • Fraud detection in smart card-based systems is possible with the use of AI.
  • AI can be used to simulate brain functioning , and thus prove useful in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems.
  • Intelligent robots can be programmed to reach the Earth’s nadirs. They can be used to dig for fuels. They can be used for mining purposes. It can be also used for exploring the depths of oceans.
  • Smartphones are a great example of application of artificial intelligence. In utilities like predicting what a user is going to type and correcting human errors in spelling, machine intelligence is at work.

What are disadvantages of AI?

  • One of main disadvantages of artificial intelligence is the cost incurred in the maintenance and repair. Programs need to be updated to suit the changing environments, and machines need to be made smarter.
  • Lacks the human touch
  • May corrupt younger generation
  • can malfunction and do the opposite of what they are programmed to do.
  • If the control of machines goes in the wrong hands, it may cause destruction. Machines won’t think before acting.
  • If robots begin to replace humans in every field, it will eventually lead to unemployment.

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