The Best Discord Bots For Your Server(Nov, 2022) | Discord Bots

Discord bots are an important component for a well-run Discord server. Discord bots are available to add music, polls, games, giveaways, and more in addition to automating moderation tasks. However, a simple internet search for “Discord bots” returns millions of results, which will be tedious to sort through. Even sites like and that list Discord bots can be too much to handle, especially if you don’t know what you even want to add to your Discord server.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top Discord bots available today and how they can help you manage and improve your Discord community.

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are artificial intelligence (AI) systems that help you to automate tasks on your Discord server. They make it far simpler to create a fully involved community and may be used to manage your server, welcome new users, or even ban individuals who are negatively impacting everyone else.

Discord bot list: the top 3

  • MEE6 – This is the best Discord bot for managing a server. This bot lets you welcome new users and kick those that violate server rules.
  • – This is the best Discord bots for reputation management. It lets you to create support tickets between you and your users.
  • – This is the best Discord bot for sending tips. Users can donate tips without minimums or fees.

The best Discord Bots with their features:


MEE6 is a bot that enables you to automate tasks like sending welcome messages. Additionally, you can develop your own custom commands to bann users that post ads, links, and spammy content.

However, the ability to give users responsibilities and deliver messages in the current channel or DMs is its strongest feature.

Members can compete to climb the leaderboard or earn unique rank cards to display their devotion. There is also a competitive leveling system.

Depending on the criteria you establish, you can also ban users either temporarily or permanently. For instance, a user may be timed out for 30 minutes after three offenses. MEE6 is one of the top moderation bots available. Installing it is absolutely worthwhile.

Dank Memer

The Dank Memer bot might be something to think about if you want a fun Discord environment. With the help of this bot, users can add a meme to a conversation in progress.

You may easily make your own memes with Dank Memer as well.

Users can gamble or steal coins from other users using the currency system of the Dank Memer. The things from the meme store can then be purchased with the coins, or you can use them to access a fun online game.

Your server is made more enjoyable by the Dank Memer bot. To determine whether it is appropriate for your Discord channel, you should test it out

Discord can serve business in addition to players, despite its image as a gaming platform. Additionally, there are bots like that can be helpful for individuals that need to offer customer care.

To get the proper individuals to see the issue, you can use this bot to tag particular channels and servers. Its capability allows your staff to organize tickets and close them after your customers’ issues have been resolved.

The commands and messages that users can see and utilize can be customized. It’s one of those tools that can improve the effectiveness of your customer service division.


Like other moderation software, ProBot focuses on setting unique welcome messages instead. It enables yo to control how your Discord server is seen by new users.

However, It also includes other functions, such as the ability to ban nasty users or prevent them from uploading information that goes against your rules. Additionally, you can utilize commands that provide member moderation.

The auto-moderation system has the power to mute users, erase messages that are repeated, and alert users when they use foul language. You can choose the penalties, so you can decide what happens when the rules are broken.


An entertaining bot to add to your Discord server as this bot allows you to play a text-based role-playing game inside of Discord.

The system is intriguing. Users have the option to make their own characters and embark on quests. You can purchase stuff, form a party, and communicate with other players, just like in any RPG. Even getting hitched is an option.

You begin by giving your character a name and choosing a class. You can train to be a raider, ritualist, warrior, wizard, thief, ranger, or paragon. You can then immediately dive in and begin having fun.

The idea behind is straightforward. You can use cryptocurrencies to pay tips on your Discord server. Thus, this bot might assist you if you wish to have an additional source of income.

It has entertaining games to help you engage your followers and supports over 228 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, there are tools accessible for people who enjoy mining or trading cryptocurrencies.

Even people who are new to cryptocurrency can join in on the fun and activity thanks to the features’ friendliness. If you want to tip, there are no requirements or costs. And you are free to repeat this as often as you desire.

Community Hubs

A tool called Community Hubs facilitates communication between Discord servers. The goal is to establish a location where people may exchange information via various means. This is a nice bot to employ if you want to interact with users outside of your channel.

It benefits more than just gaming channels. Additionally, it is excellent for enterprises.

Community Hubs can be used to transmit media across many channels. This bot can simultaneously stream your show to both of your company’s communities if you have two but your live stream is relevant to both.

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